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3ply nylon threading throughout the product with polyester laces ensures durabili...https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/2020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:57
EVA padding throughout wrist is backed by a latex rubber sheet for shock-absorben...https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/2020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:57
Light latex rubber mold is backed by a duo-layer of EVA and foam padding for effi...https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/2020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:57
Pleasant feeling inner wicks skin and feel pleasant offering the most comfort a p...https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/2020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:57
RDX C3 Pro Fight Lace Up Leather Boxing Gloves BBBofC / BIBA / WBF / NYAC Approve...$143.99The sturdiest of authentic cowhide leather encapsulates the shock-absorbent inter...More About RDX C3 Pro Fight Lace Up Leather Boxing Gloves BBBofC / BIBA / WBF / N...The New York State Athletic Commission overlooks the authorization and regulation... Wholesale NEW BEST SELLER SALE MY ACCOUNT MY CART BOXING MMA FITNESS CLOTHING SP...https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/https://rdxsports.com/rdx-c3-professional-gloves/2020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:572020-04-26 17:04:57
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