Sentiment Analysis API

This API allows you to extract sentiments from text you gathered.

Personal Access Token

To make calls to the Data Source Management API, you need to first obtain your personal access token. Your personal access token can be found in your settings page under the developer settings section

Extract sentiments

Get sentiments from text

Call Structure


  Authorization: Bearer :PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN

  news_headline: :RAW_TEXT

Supported Params

PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN Required String Your personal access token that can be obtained from your developer settings page
RAW_TEXT Required String A string you want to extract sentiments from

Sample JSON Request

  Authorization: Bearer :PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN

  "news_headline": "Facebook employees are in disbelief that a bombshell memo justifying questionable practices to grow at all costs was leaked and some think spies might be to blame"

Sample JSON Response

  "polarity": -0.5,
  "subjectivity": 1.0,
  "noun_phrases": [
    "bombshell memo",
    "questionable practices",

polarity Float Ranges between -1 to 1, where -1 is very unhappy, 0 is totally neutral and 1 is very happy
subjectivity Float Ranges between 0 to 1, where 0 is very objective and 1 is very subjective

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