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  • Community Features

  • Clickable GUI

    Click on any webpage to get data.

  • Data sources

    Get data from any URL.

  • Accessible APIs

    Get data in JSON and CSV formats.

  • Startup Features

  • Private Data Sources

    Keep your data private.

  • WebHooks

    Ping your App after each new crawl.

  • Business Features

  • Express Crawling

    No more queuing. Start crawling immediately

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Run your crawlers and as frequently as every 15 minutes.

  • GetData makes it easy and reliable to gather product data from our suppliers' websites.
    Florian Cornu

    Co-Founder, Flocations

  • GetData helped us obtain thousands of online Chinese learners' contact details in minutes.
    Victor Chen

    Founder, Duable Chinese

  • I find GetData's data harvesting engine absolutely wicked!

    Andries De Vos

    Founder, Clubvivre

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