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Write and maintain less code

Focus your efforts on your actual project

Machine learning

Machine Learning

Get Training Data for Machine Learning

  • Perform linear regression
  • Perform logistic regression
  • Perform clustering
  • Train Neural Networks

Sync Applications

Keeping database records updated

  • Gather inventory listings from supplier websites daily
  • Gather funny quotes from other websites weekly
  • Gather job listings from other job portals
  • Gathering daily trending topics from social networks
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Analyze Sentiment

Keep a pulse on the market to gain fresh insights and identify new trends

  • Collect business articles daily
  • Collect chats on online forums hourly
  • Collect ratings and reviews

Value Investing

Monitor stock markets for great buying opportunities

  • Collect stock pricing data hourly
  • Collect quarterly financial data on companies
  • Collect company product reviews and ratings weekly
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Real estate screenshot

Evaluate Properties

Monitor neighborhoods for great buying opportunities

  • Collect government county records monthly
  • Collect property transaction records daily
  • Collect local news articles daily

Compare Prices

Price products confidently

  • Collect product prices daily
  • Collect product descriptions daily
  • Collect product rating and reviews daily
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Turn multiple webpages into a single dataset

using a clean semantic query language

  • Community Features

  • Nested Pagination

    Gather data spread across pagination and nested pages

  • Cross Domains

    Gather data spread across multiple sites using keywords

  • Accessible APIs

    Get data in JSON and CSV formats

  • Emulate Human Actions

    Scroll, Wait and Click

  • By-pass Login Walls

    Gather data from pages that require logins

  • Premium Features

  • Private Data Sources

    Keep your data private.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Query for data as frequently as every 15 minutes.

  • WebHooks

    Notify your application whenever fresh data is available.

  • Decidated Crawler

    No queueing. Query for your data immediately

  • DIFF

    Export only the differences between two batches of data.

  • Maintaining and scaling our internal web scrapers was a constant headache.

    GetData saved us a lot of engineering effort by reliably synchronizing all our suppliers' website listings with our app.
    Florian Cornu

    Co-Founder, Flocations

  • We had no idea GetData would be obtaining hundreds of thousands of online merchants' information when we ran our first query.

    Our team was blown away when the huge volume of records came back.
    Saemin ahn
    SaeMin Ahn

    Managing Partner, Rakuten Ventures

  • I was skeptical when I first came across GetData's harvesting engine.

    But when I saw the huge volume of LinkedIn Profiles, I was convinced it was absolutely wicked!

    Andries De Vos

    Founder, Clubvivre

Most popular data sources

Machine learning datasets maintained by our community to use for fun or practice

Startup Database - AngelList - All 20 ...
last ran at 2018-06-21


A list of 400 companies gathered from Angelist. Please note that if you do decide to copy the reci...

  • Community

    • Download 500 records / month
    • Webhook Integration

    • Public Data Sources

    • Shared Community Crawler
  • Solo

    $7.99 /mo
    • Download unlimited records
    • Webhook Integration

    • Public Data Sources

    • Shared Community Crawler
  • Startup

    $14.99 /mo
    • Download unlimited records
    • Webhook Integration

    • Public Data Sources
    • Private Data Sources

    • 1 Dedicated Crawler
    • Schedule up to every 15mins
  • Business

    $99.99 /mo
    • Download unlimited records
    • Webhook Integration

    • Public Data Sources
    • Private Data Sources

    • 10 Concurrent Crawlers
    • Schedule up to every 15mins