Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.

- Alfred North Whitehead

Our Purpose

The Web is a giant graph database of human knowledge. However, unlike other properly functioning databases its Semantic Query Language is missing. GetData.IO aims to fix this fundamental problem so as to advance civilization through machine learning.

Our Mission

To democratize access to human knowledge by making the web truly open.

Our Vision

To build the world's largest decentralized data sharing network.

Our Goals

  • To nurture the world's largest online data-sharing community.
  • To define a Turing-Complete Semantic Query Language that can query any section of the Web
  • To build a fully decentralized ODBC Engine.
  • To build a fully decentralized Data Cache.

Our Values

No one has the right to be a data hogging asshole. Truths are inherently Elegant and Simple