Integrating with IFTTT

This tutorial uses IFTTT to send a notification to Slack everytime a new data batch of data is available.

It assumes that you know how to create a data source and are familiar with the use of webhooks.

Making an Applet

Step 1: Setting up your Webhook

Setting up the Webhooks service to listen for Web Requests

Ifttt creating an applet

Ifttt if this

Ifttt select webhooks

Ifttt connect webhooks

Ifttt web request trigger

Ifttt create webhook trigger

Step 2: Setting up Slack

Setting up Slack for broadcasting

Ifttt then that

Ifttt select slack

Ifttt connect slack

Ifttt slack post to channel

Ifttt slack setup channel

Ifttt slack finish

Ifttt app active

Step 3: Fetching your webhook settings

Linking up your data source with IFTTT

Ifttt webhook settings

Ifttt webhook settings 2

Ifttt settings details

Ifttt settings url

Step 4: Test IFTTT's webhook URL with your data source

Linking up your data source with IFTTT and testing it.

Ifttt edit data source

Ifttt save for later

Ifttt test webhook 1

Ifttt test webhook 2

Your output on Slack

Ifttt slack output

More resources

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